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Top Five Common Mistakes In Criminal Cases

If you have been charged with a criminal offense you need to read this. The attorneys at Charles Vincent & Associates have compiled the top five mistakes people make when they are facing criminal charges. Committing any of these steps could negatively impact the outcome of your case.

1. Talking to the police before talking to a lawyer

2. Invoking your right to remain silent without also invoking your right to a lawyer (the police can re-contact you unless you ask for a lawyer!)

3. Consenting to a search — of your home, your car, or your person, without demanding a warrant

4. Talking to anyone from a jail phone (yes, they really are all recorded!)

5. Contacting witnesses or an alleged victim yourself (let your attorney, or better yet, an investigator, contact all witnesses, and avoid being charged with Tampering with a Witness or Coercion)

Why You Should Never Talk To The Police Without An Attorney

Aside from answering basic questions about your identity, you should never talk to the police without a lawyer present to represent you. The police will use every opportunity to gather information to build a case against you.

The police are skilled at asking questions to obtain the answers they are looking for. They are good at tripping up suspects in an effort to catch them in a lie.

A common tactic is for police officers to try to convince you they will cut you a break if you speak to them. This simply is not true. If you are being questioned by police because you are suspected of a crime, they are trying to build a case against you and there are no deals to be struck. Make sure you have an attorney by your side.

Why You Should Hire Us

The lawyers at Charles Vincent & Associates are seasoned trial attorneys. We have handled thousands of criminal cases and hundreds of jury trials over the years. We know how to fight and when to do it. When we take on a criminal case, we put every effort into achieving the best outcome for our clients.

We know your freedom is at stake. While we cannot promise an outcome in your case, we can provide you with a fairly accurate projection of what you might expect under various scenarios. We use our experience to advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances.

We have successfully handled criminal cases of all types, in all courts (municipal, state and federal) in Oregon. Our extensive criminal defense experience allows us to help our clients achieve the best outcome in each case. We protect our clients’ constitutional rights, and defend their rights with the utmost in privacy and discretion.

If you are being investigated for a crime or have already been charged with a criminal offense, call our law office today at 541-597-9259 to schedule a consultation. You can also reach us by completing our online contact form. We have offices in Eugene and Coos Bay.

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