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Murder And Homicide

A person who has intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence caused the death of another human being can be charged with Criminal Homicide. ORS 163.005.

A person may be charged with the more serious Aggravated Murder pursuant to ORS 163.095, when the charge is that the homicide was committed on multiple victims, was a murder for hire, the victim was tortured, under 14 years of age, or was an official. There are other factors that may result in an aggravated murder charge.

Murder cases are among the most difficult and time-intensive cases to defend. Often, unless the client can post bail, he or she will remain incarcerated until the case is over. It is important the attorney and investigator interview witnesses, examine evidence, and visit and photograph the scene of the alleged crime as soon as possible.

Why You Should Hire Us To Defend You

Our job in a murder case is to double check the police work, investigate the crime scene, retest forensic evidence, and help to determine whether one of several defenses may apply in the case.

Statements, admissions or confessions and other evidence can often be challenged by a motion to suppress. Expert witnesses may be able to help challenge false confessions, or testify about the mental state of a client.

When facing a murder charge, nothing should be left to chance. That is why you should hire us. We are tested trial attorneys. We succeed by being prepared. When you hire us, we will examine every detail and develop a solid strategy to defend you.

Do Not Leave Your Future To Chance. Call Us.

At Charles Vincent & Associates, we are both experienced trial attorneys and experienced defenders of serious charges. We have successfully handled criminal cases of all types, in all courts (municipal, state and federal) in Oregon. Our extensive criminal defense experience allows us to help our clients achieve the best outcome in each case.

We protect our client’s constitutional rights, and defend their rights with the utmost in privacy and discretion. Call 541-597-9259 to schedule an appointment or contact our firm online. We have offices in Eugene and Coos Bay.

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